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Welcome to Eat More Oats, the site dedicated to everything about oats and spreading the healthy word.

All About Oats
Oats as food
Start off with an interactive discovery of the surprising and amusing history of oats dating back thousands of years. Learn about the uses of oats, including the lesser known ones such as in medicine and chemistry. Want to know how they make 'instant oats' instant? Check out the oat types. If you're interested in growing oats, learn about the numerous oat varieties and agronomy of oats, followed by a healthy serving of mind-bending international oat economic facts.
Health and Nutritional Benefits of Oats
Oats as food
Find out about the many health benefits of oats. They have the ability to curb cholesterol and we'll explain how this mechanism works. Did you also know about their anti cancer properties ? Or their role as a weight controller in the fight against the obesity epedemic ? Discover other surpising new research results here and get perhaps the most detailed nutritional breakdown you'll probably see anywhere !
Tasty Oat Recipes
Oats as food
We're collecting together some of the best oat based recipes for your eating pleasure! Whether you're looking for a tasty quick oatmeal cookies recipe to nibble on with a cuppa, or looking for a sophisticated unusual oat soufflé, we've got them all. Recipes are categorized into sweets, breakfasts, breads and beers. You can even send us your favourites for review and inclusion on the site! All recipes are made, reviewed, photographed and posted here by a crack team of oat-eating fanatics! Go ahead - send them new some recipes.
Oats as food
Interested in locating products that utilize oats such as food, health and beauty products ? Check out the products page. If you've found an oat related product you love, tell us about it and we'll add it. Be the envy of your co-workers and family by supping your extra hot double decaf oat milk latté out of our Eat More Oats mugs. Or spread the word with one of our bumper stickers. 100% of our profits go directly to charity, so go ahead and get shopping!
Eat More Oats Blog
Oats as food
Stay plugged in to the fascinating world of oats through our blog, dedicated to sharing news, stories, pictures and information about oats and oat products. Send in your amusing 'phoatos', 'anecdoats' and comments for posting. Oat fanatics are standing by waiting for your emails so get posting and sharing your stories.

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